With our cutting edge expertise, energy-efficient products and partnerships with leading producers around the world, we can tailor solutions for your specific needs.


Electromechanical solutions that meet your needs!


Outsource sub-assembly to us and optimise your capital ties, lead times and scalability!

Our production facility in Bjursås, Dalarna is highly flexible and is home to our sub-assembly operation. The Promoco warehouse is located next door to the production facility in order to ensure smooth logistics and optimal customer service. We have extensive production experience and maintain a high level of quality in all the assignments we undertake. By having a local presence, we can quickly and easily implement changes that are otherwise both energy and time consuming. In addition to our range of standard products, we are also able to offer bespoke solutions

Full or partial assembly

In order to free up more of your time, we can offer a component assembly service. Assembly can be done in conjunction with our warehouse or through partners/suppliers, depending on the size and scope of the order. In order to save time, final testing can also be carried out so that the assembly is ready to be integrated in your product immediately.

Assembly comes in two sizes, depending on scope:

Part assembly includes minor installations of connectors, pulleys, etc. Full assembly means a “ready to use” solution, e.g. a complete motor with gears, a fan rack, etc.

Swedish warehouse

We offer warehouse or call-off stock facilities for our customers in Bjursås, Dalarna. This means short delivery times to customers, helps us relieve customers’ capital tie-ups and any stock they hold.
Customers avoid having to keep items in stock themselves or place small orders at a higher price.

Overseas warehouse

It is commonplace for our customers to move their production overseas when their volumes start to grow, and we are only too happy to follow them on the voyage. We now service many customers via our warehouse in Hong Kong.

The advantage of having a warehouse in Hong Kong is that it shortens transport lines and product delivery times, which helps reduce environmental impact and lowers delivery costs. Another advantage is that we can continue to work on construction and design in Sweden, despite the fact that all production and delivery takes place abroad.

Design assistance and customisation

We have extensive experience of producing solutions for all our customers’ applications, everything from simple standard products to advanced systems consisting of several different components. We want to establish a collaborative relationship early on in our customers’ development in order to play around with ideas and produce bespoke solutions for each individual project in the best way possible. Our technical sales team works closely with our customers and manufacturers, and continually raise their level of expertise through product training and great commitment to the cause. Thanks to our close collaboration with suppliers, we have established seamless paths of communication, allowing us to also use their teams of engineers. For example, we use our suppliers to produce simulations when needed.

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