Environment and quality

We work to ensure sustainable environmental development. This means that we work to reduce the environment-impacting factors of our business.


We contribute to a sustainable environment by lowering the environmental load of our business

At Promoco Scandinavia AB, we continually strive to reduce our environmental impact whilst, at the same time, maintaining the highest possible level of quality in our work. To this end, we place considerable emphasis in our day to day work on the impact we have on the environment, both in terms of the quality of our approach and the products we produce. In addition to our products, our environmental work also deals with reducing the environmental load produced by our transports, the travel we undertake and the activities conducted in our properties. For example we support UPS carbon neutral to compensate for our shipments.

Applicable environmental legislation

We regard applicable environmental legislation as a minimum requirement. As far as possible, we choose the most environmentally friendly alternatives when procuring goods and services. In order to prevent contamination, we work actively to increase recycling of used products. Use of environmentally destructive substances is limited to the greatest possible extent, and we manage the waste we produce using good resource management processes.

Continual improvement

Focusing on quality and the environment, we apply continual improvements within the areas where we can make a difference. By following and updating our corporate policies, we can ensure a sustainable result. In addition, we ensure that our staff have the necessary criteria in order to satisfy the terms of our policies. To this end, we continually inform, train and engage the interest of staff.


An environmental approach and quality permeates all our processes

Quality policy

We value high quality in all stages of the business. We continually work with improvements and aim to grow with continued high quality and customer satisfaction.

Environmental policy

We work to achieve sustainable environmental development, which means that we relentlessly reduce environmental impacting factors covered by the business.

Conflict resource policy

We report our use of conflict resources in accordance with the regulations produced by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for American listed companies.

Quality policy
Promoco Scandinavia AB engages in trading with electromechanical components. Our relationship to the world around us is built on trust, availability and expertise. By focusing on these values, we endeavour to ensure that each assignment we carry out shall result in renewed trust for future deals.

We achieve our quality objectives by:

  • Exceeding customers’ expectations to the greatest possible extent.
  • Imposing requirements on suppliers that correspond to our quality objectives.
  • Our quality shall be a result of each employee’s knowledge, responsibility and commitment. In addition, all employees shall know their areas of responsibility and authority.
  • Employees are developed through continual training and job motivation.
  • Work according to a zero-fault strategy. If faults still occur, remedial, corrective and preventive measures are implemented.
  • The management team that defined the quality policy ensures that this is anchored, applied and maintained at all levels within the organisation, and is compliant with all applicable laws, requirements and relevant customer requirements.
  • Continually work to improve the business system.

Environmental policy
We shall actively work to always reduce our direct and indirect environmental impact, whilst also supporting our other business objectives. In addition, we shall also work to achieve sustainable social development for future generations by actively engaging in environmental efforts. We shall take environmental considerations into account in all decisions on all levels in the business and strive to comply with applicable laws and other environmental requirements. Environmental work is based on a life cycle perspective.

We mainly impact the environment through:

  • transporting products from manufacturers via our warehouse or direct to customers
  • the amount of environmentally harmful substances in products
  • printing and distributing catalogues and brochures
  • using packaging
  • company’s energy use

We shall therefore work to:

  • engage in an ongoing dialogue in respect of environmental issues with our suppliers and contractors, and impose relevant requirements
  • increase our employees’ knowledge of environmental issues and stimulate participation in environmental work
  • increase the proportion of environmentally-adapted products

Conflict resource policy

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has developed regulations for American listed companies and report their use of “conflict resources” – minerals that originate in the Democratic Republic of the Congo/Congo-Kinshasa, or in a neighbouring country where money generated from the mining of conflict resources finance armed conflicts in these areas.


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