About us

We believe in long-term and quality-assured solutions with close relationships with our customers. Together we exceed your expectations.


The components you need to achieve the results you want

The name Promoco is an agglomeration of Protection, Motion and Control. We are a collaboration partner and supplier of electromechanical components and products. We are a fantastic team that works well together and has a close relationship with our customers. Good service, extensive experience and a strong team spirit are three fundamental factors on which our company has been built. Now we want to help you achieve your objective using qualitative solutions and components!

Choosing the right component can be like fighting your way through a jungle. This is particularly true when considering factors such as operational conditions, performance, dimensions, stresses, environment, quality and logistics. Different projects have different requirements. In order to make choosing the right component for your project easier, we have a number of resources to put at your disposal. You can utilise the expertise of our skilled sales team within technology, applications and comprehensive product knowledge. Our sales team is obliging and can be reached in a number of different ways, be it by an on-site visit, telephone or e-mail. The company’s head office and sales department is located in Täby, north of Stockholm, whilst our warehouse and production facility is located in Bjursås, Dalarna.


Solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations