Reliable contacting of batteries


VKB-635: Reliable contacting of battery cells up to 100 A

The manufacturing and testing of battery cells requires reliable contacting of cells. The design of the VKB-635 with sense line and optional temperature sensor makes it particularly suitable for this purpose. Currents of up to 100 A can be reliably transmitted.

The VKB-635 is used for connection to 05 mm +/-0.1 mm thick battery cells. The testing of battery cells requires reliable, uninterrupted contact to ensure quality. The design features of the VKB-635 make it ideally suited to this kind of test. The gold-plated sense contacts allow more reliable contacting and precise measurement of the voltage directly on the device under test (DUT). Durable tin-plated contact surfaces ensure low-stress, passive contacting with low contact resistance. Thanks to the borehole provided, an optional temperature sensor can be integrated. Two clamps (+/-) required to contact each battery cell. The clamps are connected using four cables. These are included in delivery (length: 400m). The clamp is mounted via the axis in the bore hole. The electrical connection is made via four cables with a cross-section of 2.5 mm². The sense contact is connected via two cables with a cross-section of 0.5 mm².

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