Push Pin Heat Sinks



Heat sinks

Push Pin Heat Sinks have plastic push pins ore metal as option that engage with a hole in one application’s PCB design. The compression spring presses the heatsink to the device in which is being cooled. We have a wide range of push pin sizes and footprints to ensure the integrity of the PCB contact PCB with optimal cooling options.

Push Pin Heat Sink utilizes the push pin offering for any air flow conditions as it is design in a cross-cut format. This heat sink is ideal for many industries including but not limited to telecommunications, medical, and military. Heatsinks can be modified to a customer’s specification in addition to off the shelf standard.

Features & Benefits:

  • Lightweight, Black Anodized, Cross Cut Aluminum 6063
  • Easy and Quick Attachment, Pre Assembled Plastic and metal Push Pin that have flexible barb to engage precisely with the PCB holes
  • Compression Springs allow for a confident grip to the PCB
  • Heat Sink Design allows for all airflow applications
  • Can be with phase change or other type of thermal interface pre applied.

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